Sanam Tahmasebi - vocals & soundscapes (Iran)

Jelte Fossen - ud & saz (Netherlands)

Sjahin During - Afro Anatolian percussion (Turkey/Netherlands)

Nibiru's music transcends genre,

a timeless echo resonating in the here and now.

A music trio melding Persian poetry and music with mystic otherworldly dreamscapes.

They craft a sound that inhabits a space both ancient and contemporary.

Formed in 2019 by Sanam Tahmasebi and Jelte Fossen, Nibiru began as a duo, mesmerizing audiences with their unique fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary sounds. The group recently welcomed Turkish-Dutch percussionist Sjahin During, solidifying their sound as a powerful trio.

Unbound by genre, Nibiru shatters expectations. Their music isn't easily confined to Persian melodies, jazz improvisation, or classical structures. It's a musical kaleidoscope, a breathtaking fusion woven from diverse influences that come together into a sound undeniably their own.Their compositions infuse the poetry of Rumi and Hafez alongside contemporary Iranian verse, exploring themes of nature, hope, mysticism, and unity. Drawing further inspiration from the haunting melodies and grooves of Persia and Anatolia, the freedom of jazz exploration, and the energy of contemporary music, Nibiru creates a sound that transcends time. It's both timeless and fresh, familiar and surprising. Lush melodies intertwine with expressive vocals, captivating Ud riffs, and dynamic percussion grooves, making Nibiru's music an unforgettable experience.

Sanam Tahmasebi's vocals are a magical fusion of tradition and innovation, her hypnotic voice shaped by her Persian heritage and enriched through various musical studies and explorations, soaring effortlessly above the instrumental layers. Jelte Fossen hands dance across the strings, creating enchanting melodies that linger in the air. Adding the final touch, Sjahin During, a maestro of Afro-Anatolian percussion, lays down dynamic rhythms that pulsate with life, driving the music forward with an irresistible energy that extends far beyond mere percussion.Together they create a unique musical dialogue. Their shared passion for artistic exploration and a desire to touch the hearts of their listeners fuels their creative fire. To create music that touches the soul and speaks a universal language of emotion and beauty.