Tehran-born vocalist/musician Sanam Tahmasebi began her musical journey at a young age with classical guitar. Fueled by this fire, she later embarked on a global exploration, developing her music in Italy, the Netherlands, and the US, acquiring a bachelor's degree in Jazz Vocals and a master's degree in Composition.

Sanam's music transcends genres, fusing traditional Persian influences with jazz, contemporary, improvisation, experimental sounds and electronic compositions. This continuous exploration pushes boundaries, captivating the audience with her unique signature. Her warm sound and heartfelt performance create magical moments, as she explores the limits of vocals and discovers new musical landscapes.

Over the past decade, she's been active on the music scene, performing at festivals like Into the Great Wide Open and Oerol Festival. She also thrives in collaboration, working as both a composer and performer with multidisciplinary collectives. Her contributions include projects such as:

"Als het anders loopt,"

a musical theater performance by Club Guy & Roni and Het

Houten Huis.

"Baken Afsluitdijk,"

an auditory exhibition around the Wadden sea by Hi-Lo production.

"De Kraak," an animated spatial installation by Production House Spinbarg.


a music trio fusing Persian poetry and music with otherworldly soundscapes.